VOCABULARY LESSONS with Chance and Emily of Mia Kerick’s LOVE SPELL


The language used in Love Spell is colorful. Which puts it mildly.

Chance calls his BFF Emily the Ms. Merriam-Webster of Improvised Language. In other words, she makes up words.After she creates words she uses them constantly and expects Chance to do the same. And he does. Believe me, he does!

And so for today’s vocabulary lesson, let us focus on a series of Emily’s finest words:

First, there’s PIE-STROLL. Pie-stroll is defined as something that’s easy to do, even easier than a cakewalk.

In a sentence: I find singing the blues to be a pie-stroll when compared with singing opera.

Next, is FUCKER-NELLY.  Fucker-nelly is used consistently throughout Love Spell. Chance, at first struggles with its proper usage, but in the end concludes that it is an adverb meaning extremely.

Here is fucker-nelly in a sentence: “Your new camo skinny jeans are fucker-nelly awesome!”

And we have DOOZA-PALOOZA.  Unfortunately, you have one and I have one; it’s defined as a humongous problem.

Today’s dooza-palooza is straightening my hair since the power is out. (Get the picture?)

 In short, yapper-halt is a command that means shut up. No, not polite. But at times quite necessary.

Used in a sentence: “Yapper-halt with the Trump quotations, please—I’ve heard enough!”

Next, comes SMEXY.  Smexy is the essence of what Chance longs to be: a person displaying witty intelligence while personifying smoking hotness.

“In your humble opinion, which blood-sucker in Vampire Diariesis the ultimate in smexy?”(I suppose we could say “the smexiest.”)

Now for a practical word: CURIFIED. We’ve all been curified, a time or two, although curified moments are not usually life’s best. It is defined as curious combined with horrified.

You’d like to hear it used in a sentence? Of course. It would be my pleasure.

Curified, I gazed at the accident on the side of the highway; I couldn’t not look.

Next is POOPATUDE. You know when you’re just not your cheerful self—you’re feeling mean and pissed-off, and maybe slightly sarcastic. Well, that’s because you’re displaying classic poopatude, a nasty attitude.

In a sentence: I’ve had enough of your poopatude, dude—do I have to tickle you to get you to smile? (I even added a rhyme for you.)

Let’s look at FRET-LIBERATO. Chance makes a guess at this new Emily-word when she introduces it to him, and he gets close but isn’t right on the nose. Fret-liberato is simply a creative term for relieved.

You’d like to hear it used in a sentence?

I can’t explain to you my fret-liberato when Mrs. Mansfield decided against giving us the pop quiz… I was so not prepared for it!

And finally, STUPI-BOGGLED.  Chance finds himself feeling this way quite regularly. Stupi-boggled is a combination word—stupified combined with mind-boggled.

Kate was stupi-boggled to learn that her BFF was her Secret Santa—she’d never expected it!

Thanks for paying such close attention to today’s vocabulary lesson. I hope you’ll check out my rerelease of this funny, crazy, sentimental story, Love Spell.  You will laugh. You probably won’t cry, but there is a fucker-nelly remote chance of it. And you’ll be stupi-boggled, if not absolutely curified, by the lengths to which Chance goes to capture the heart of the boy of his dreams.

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