I’m thrilled to say that my first book for Duet Books, The Weekend Bucket List, is born!








It wasn’t an easy gestation, metaphorically speaking. For the first time, I wrote a work of general fiction, and for the first time, some of my regular romance readers were left unsatisfied.

They felt the book was incomplete without romance.

But I have a goal and it is to endorse and embrace another important kind of love: friendship.








As a teen, I missed out on the fullest friendship experience; I was focused on finding Mr. Right. I went through LOTS of Mr. Rights until I found Mr. Mia, but I never put the effort into finding Mr./Ms. BFF. Yes, I have had my share of acquaintances, but rarely have I experienced a beloved friend (s) with whom I shared a platonic passion.








And so, there were aches and pains and three-star pre-reviews, which didn’t live up to my hopes and maybe even my expectations, but I embrace my story of complex and passionate friendships with very flawed characters. Like Cody, below… Teens need stories that glorify FRIENDSHIP.








And I hope you choose to give it a read.

Because we all need friends.

<3 Mia