Mia Kerick has been a lot of places. In the realm of LGBTQ stories, I’ve written plenty of romance-Adult, New Adult, and YA- and explored general fiction. My stories have featured gay, lesbian, and polyamorous romance, and they have dealt with gender identity and platonic friendships. I’ve tackled topics that intimidate me, and I’ve had to research a great deal in my effort to make them ring true. I’ve worked for various wonderful publishers (DSP, HIP, Duet, NineStar Press, Lakewater Press, Evernight– LOVE YOU ALL!) and for one that turned out not to take care of me as well as I’d hoped. I have even self-published a book. I’ve had plenty of help and support along the way from other authors and wonderful bloggers, reviewers, and promoters, so THANK YOU.
I realize my wide travels through LGBTQ literature have left some readers unsure about what they’re going to get when they open a Mia Kerick book. Will it be hot romance? Humorous YA? Horrifying bullying? I guess I have a passion that all readers are able to find themselves in literature and I’ve worked as hard as I can to ensure this in LGBTQ fiction. So read the blurbs LOL. (I have several upcoming YA dealing with trans teens-in October and January and some rereleases from NineStar Press.)

BUT…I think I may shift my focus back onto something I truly love to write and that I find freeing. MIA KERICK STORY BALLADS will fit (what I consider to be) the true intention of New Adult. Older teens and early twenties, figuring out who they are when high school ends. Lots of angst and passion <3. LGBTQ romance will be central. Reminiscent of INTERVENTION, NOT BROKEN, JUST BENT, US THREE, BEGGARS and CHOOSERS, to name a few. Not quite as sweet as my most recent books. 😉

I’d love to know your thoughts…
Watch for Mia Kerick Story Ballads 🙂

Book #1 Torn STAY TUNED…






Vinny Bucci and Tommy Stecker are almost cousins. (Their mothers call themselves “sisters of the heart,” so that sort of makes them cousins, doesn’t it?) Since childhood, they’ve shared holidays and Sunday services and their passion for soccer. But now they’re eighteen, high school seniors, and what has always been devoted friendship—the next best thing to family—has started to feel like something else. Something more….

Unfortunately, the Steckers can’t accept their son’s same-sex romance, and upon recognizing the teens’ mutual attraction, they push Tommy into dating a girl from church, then compel him to attend a Christian College far away from Vinny’s school. The Buccis and the Steckers—once a family of choice—clash over what’s right and go their separate ways.

Forced into separation, Vinny and Tommy are both devastated, but while Vinny hardens his heart to love, halfway across the country Tommy becomes emotionally and physically ill. Their passion for each other hasn’t diminished, let alone died, but they lose contact, and for the first time in their lives learn what it is to live with a broken heart.

Will Tommy and Vinny find their way back to each other, or will they accept the rules dictated by family and try to live severed lives, their love forever unfulfilled?

A Mature Young Adult Romance