IT’S RELEASE DAY of SOUND OF SILENCE, my first collaboration!!


It’s release day of my first-ever collaboration with author, Raine O’Tierney. The book, Sound of Silence, originated with the concept of characters we wanted to write.

Raine came up with Renzy– sweet, silent, something of a hippie, artistic, and very much alone.








I created siblings–Seven and Morning–sophisticated, elegant, sarcastic, cold, and bored with life. And also on their own.








Morning was every bit a shared character. Once we figured out who she was, each of us wrote her equally.








And the story evolved. It felt something like making pretend when I was a child–the way I did with paper dolls. The story unfolded as we reacted to each other in writing. I was fascinated by Raine’s character, Renzy. And likewise, was  my character, Seven.  Renzy constantly surprised Seven–and it was very genuine surprise, as Seven had no idea what he would do next (in other words, I had no clue what Raine would write next!) I am pretty sure that Raine and Renzy had a similar experience with Seven and me!

Because of our dual author/character relationship, our story feels real. It stays fresh. The adventure is compelling… hurt feelings sting… the romance is unexpected, and always fresh.

Reviewers are appreciating the characters’ excellent chemistry as well as the surprises:

“This is one of those stories that I feel my own words are not enough to convey how beautiful, touching, and epic this story and its characters are.” ~Diverse Reader

“Sound of Silence is a completely enthralling and unforgettable tale and I am impressed with the beauty of the writing. The characters are deep and intense, and I love the mystery aspect as the story unfolds and the three teens grow, until everything comes together in a powerful ending!” ~Trio

“This was my first read by these authors and this book spoke to me in more ways than I ever thought I could hear. It was beautiful, vivid, Hard, raw, and honest.” ~Dara Nelson

“One thing that I found truly surprising was that the mystery never bored me, which is extremely rare for me. Normally, if you throw a mystery my way, I could give a damn as to “who dunnit“, but not here. I think the major plot twist toward the end helped greatly in that respect.” ~Todd

Why not try it out–you will get a taste if two authors in one book!

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