Free Book Not Broken, Just Bent (from my Goodreads M/M Romance Author Self-Promotion folder)

I’m trying to be more active as an author… EVERYWHERE… so I’m hoping this is helpful. And yes, this is an extremely tall order.

Below is the pdf link to Not Broken, Just Bent, as promoted on my Goodreads M/M Romance Author Self-promotion folder.

I want to get to know YOU, my readers, and to do that YOU need to get to know MIA KERICK as an author.


The blurb:

Braving the start of high school, longtime childhood friends Benjamin Wells and Timmy Norton quickly realize they are entering a whole new world colored by their family responsibilities. Ben is trying to please his strict father; Timmy is taking care of his younger sisters. While their easy camaraderie is still comfortable, Ben notices Timmy growing distant and evasive, but Ben has his own problems. It’s easier to let concerns about Timmy’s home life slide, especially when Timmy changes directions and starts to get a little too close. Ben doesn’t know how to handle the new feelings Timmy’s desire for love inspires, and his continuing denial wounds Timmy deeply.

But what Timmy perceives as Ben’s greatest betrayal is yet to come, and the fallout threatens to break them apart forever. Over the next four years, the push and pull between them and the outside world twists and tears at Ben and Timmy, and they are haunted by fear and regret. However, sometimes what seems broken is just a little bent, and if they can find forgiveness within themselves, Ben and Timmy may be able to move forward together.

Here is the pdf version of my YA Gay Romance novel.

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