Welcome to MY NEW YA BLOG MiakerickYA.com. WOOT!!

I thought I couldn’t do it… create blog by myself (well, almost by myself). I was certain that it was so far beyond me, it was almost funny. But when several new publishers I’m working with suggested I focus on the literature I am most inspired by–YA LGBTQ fiction– and do something concrete in this direction, I took a risk and put myself out there. I put together MiakerickYA.com… yes, that sound is me hyperventilating.

IMHO, technology is THE HARDEST PART of being an author. You see, I’ve never taken a how-to class. All of my “education” in computer tech (and even social media) has been gained by the seat of my pants. In other words, I’ve begged and bribed my kids, paid assistants, depended on friends who feel bad for me, and now, relied upon another author-the sweet and amazing Laura Stone-to help me get the job done.

And so here it is…. TAH DAH!!!! MiakerickYA.com (It’s not perfect, but then, what is?)

I included lots of stuff I consider relevant to teens, however, more relevant stuff comes to mind each day, so the menu is likely to change, which I can do BY MYSELF thanks to Laura’s tutorial. I am also open to suggestions.

What do you want to see?

I hope you go through the pages, enjoy the images, check out my YA books and the awesome art and music lyrics and maybe get lost here for a while…

A note to teens- I feel pretty strongly that you ALL need to be able to find YOURSELVES in books, which will let you know you aren’t alone out there. And I think it’s important that you meet DIVERSE TEENS in books so you can gain understanding of other kids’ paths. I hope my LGBTQ YA books bring you closer to these places.

I LOVE COMMENTS. Really, I do. Please let me know what you think.

<3 Mia